Fight To Live Another Day

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Filmography So Far

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Keke Palmer geting emotional in an interview with Raven Symone (x)

This is very important. I’m glad both of them had this moment. Raven has been working and grinding longer than most of us have been able to talk and walk. She deserves all the praises.

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My life

Her little crab hands

I love her

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all I want is for Dean to get kicked in the crotch and for Cas to insist on healing him and Dean is like “Cas stop I’m fine" but he can’t even walk and Cas doesn’t understand why he’s being such a baby so they start bickering and Cas just keeps trying to grab Dean’s dick "to heal him" and it’s literally the weirdest thing Sam has ever witnessed in his life


I never knew I wanted this until now

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You’re not leaving me behind, right?

bwaaaaa I can’t

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everything about this screenshot is so in character

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